How Much Paper Do I Need?

Buying gift wrap online is probably not something you've done before, so working out how much paper to purchase may seem like a difficult task. Never fear, here is a guide to help you work out how much paper you will need.

The average roll of wrapping paper is four to five metres in length. Licenced gift wrap (such as Disney) is usually 1.5 metres to three metres in length. Folded sheets of gift wrap are around 700mm in length. So have a think about how many rolls or sheets you would usually purchase and of what type. Then think about how much you usually have leftover. The difference is how many metres you should purchase.

For me, I usually purchase three rolls of five metre wrap as I like to coordinate patterns and designs, and I usually have about five metres leftover, so I would purchase ten metres of gift wrap.

As Emballage sells all its wrapping paper by the metre, you can choose as many different designs as you like in any length you like. The paper is then delivered to you as a roll in your custom length. For example, if you want to purchase ten metres of the Harmonious collection and select five metres of Concorde, three metres of Copper and two metres of Graphite, you will receive a five metre roll of Concorde, three metre roll of Copper and two metre roll of Graphite. This gives you the flexibility to cut the wrapping paper to the size that suit your gifts - just like a traditional roll of wrapping paper, but without the leftover rolls!

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