A Guide to Ribbon

Ribbons are a great way to put the finishing touch on your gifts. They come in a variety of fabrics ranging from synthetic to natural that suit a variety of uses. Fabrics include satin, grosgrain, cotton, organza, hession, jute and metallic fibres.

Satin are the most popular and versatile ribbons. Available as both single sided (shiny on one side) and double sided (shiny on both sides), their smooth finish is a cheaper alternative to silk and looks almost identical. Satin looks great as both single and double bows or can be used to create an array of decorative bows.

Grosgrain ribbons have a ribbed texture. This type of ribbon is less flexible than satin and holds its form making it ideal for structural bows. They also work well for simple bows and can be manipulated to create a stunning embellishment for your gifts.

Metallic ribbons come in a range of textures, from open weave mesh to a smooth satin-like finish. The softer metallic ribbon will behave much the same as satin making them versatile to work with. Other metallic ribbon can be more rigid which will hold its shape well.

Natural fibre ribbons such as cotton, hession and jute are great for wrapping around or across the gift to create a wrap band. Their texture and flexibility varies making them ideal for a variety of uses plus they add a rustic element to your gift. They naturally complement kraft paper wraps, or try using them with flora and fauna prints to add a raw textural element.

Organza are thin, sheer ribbons that create a delicate, unstructured bow. The lightweight nature of organza ribbon makes it ideal for creating soft, drapey bows.

Whatever your intended purpose, there is sure to be a ribbon to suit. Choose from our extensive selection to add the final flourish to your gift wrapping.

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