Recycling Gift Wrap

Giving a beautifully wrapped gift makes you feel great, but do you ever feel a little guilty about the environmental impact? Well the good news is that these days recycling depots in Australia can recycle most types of wrapping paper. Generally, as long as the paper does not have metallic ink or any foiling, it can be recycled. To make your life easier, if our products can be recycled, you'll find the recycling symbol  in the product description. Just don't forget to tell your loved one they can recycle the paper once the gift is open.

Another helpful tip, scrunch each piece of used paper into separate balls before putting it into your recycling bin. This helps the sorters easily remove any gift wrap that cannot be recycled and stops paper that can be recycled ending up in landfill.

Oh, and there's no need to remove sticky tape either - this is removed through the recycling process.

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