How to furoshiki

In Japan, furoshiki were originally intended for practical uses such as wrapping and transporting goods. Today, the art of furoshiki is now used around the world as a versatile and environmentally way to wrap gifts.

Emballage furoshiki are all handmade in pour studio using 100% cotton fabric, making them easy to compost at the end of their life. When you purchase one of our furoshiki, it comes with a tag that allows you to communicate to the recipient whether they 'keep' the cloth or 'return' it to you for reuse.

What size furoshiki do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, choose a size with a diagonal length three times the longest length of the gift you will be wrapping. Each product page also includes a size guide.

What can I wrap?

Wrapping with furoshiki cloth means that you can wrap gifts of any size and shape with ease. No more wrangling with paper to wrap oddly shaped presents! You can also use ribbon to tie off furoshiki into interesting shapes (think bon bons or bags).

How do I use furoshiki?

There are thousands of videos online to show you how to wrap using furoshiki cloths. We recommend checking out the Musubi YouTube channel.

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